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Modules Training


Modules training aims to prepare the students for exams.

Categories – B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, B1.4, B2, B2L and B3, single or combined.



Get the required basic knowledge levels as defined in the Part-66 regulation.


Get basic knowledge in theoretical training and/or exams according to EASA basic knowledge requirement.

Training Process


Book your training

Pick your module and chose the package better fit your training needs and budget. We warmly recommend the COMPLETE package.
If you are already skilled and/or your budget is limited, you can find, in any case, a suitable package solution.

Attend the training

You can book your training according to your needs and availability. Check the schedule and book in advance, seats for webinar (live into our classroom) are limited (12 max).

Before attending your webinar be sure you have a basic knowledge of the module. You have 3 months to complete your training package for each module. As soon your training starts, get access to the book online (if included into your package) and start to study. Before attending the webinar for your module, we warmly suggest you to become familiar with the main topics. It makes the webinar more effective.

Webinar, provided by our qualified instructors, gives you the opportunity to get the knowledge of the main module topics and contents. If you don't have a specific background (high-school or university) for the module, you should study in any case.


Book your exam date

Wefly exam sessions are scheduled on regular basis. Check the schedule and book the date better fit your needs. In any case book in advance, exam sessions are limited to 12 exameenes/session, at least until pandemic situation will end.

Exam is a formal EASA process. Exam result is positive (passed) if you get at least 75% (correct answers). In case of negative result you have to wait 90 days (30 days in case of recovery training) before a second attempt. In case of 3 negative results you have to wait for 1 year. Before the exam check your knowledge. Wefly provides Q&A session to help you. Q&A sessions are not included into any module package. You can buy as package option.

Get your certificate

After the exam, by a couple of days, Wefly makes the correction and communicates the exam result to all examees. If exam result is equal or more than 75% you passed the exam and you will receive the Certificate of Recognition (paper and digital). If like this, you are ready for the next module.

Training Package

Wefly online training provides 3 different packages able to meet your training needs.





Training Manual






Webinar repetition



Training Notes










Q&A (additional session)yesyesno
Q&A 1 to 1yesyesno
Learning Communityincluded



Package extstension period (2 weeks)


Training Material


Training Manual

Training Manual are available for each EASA module. Each Training Manuals cover the topics required by EASA syllabus and are approved training material. Wefly exam questions are congruent with the Training Manuals. Studing with our Training Manuals you will get the required knowledge to make the exam. Training Manual is included into all package as an essential learning standard.


Video Tutorials

Each Video Tutorial covers the topics required by EASA syllabus and it is congruent with our Training Manual. Video Tutorials have been recorder by our qualified instructors.

Tutorial is an effective way to review the main contents of each module.

Tutorial is included into Complete and Standard package. Tutorial repetition can be purchased on request.


Online Tutorials - Webinars

Online Tutorials - Webinars are available for each EASA module and they are conducted by our qualified instructors. Each tutorial covers the topics required by EASA syllabus and it is congruent with our Training Manual. During the Online Tutorial Instructor refers to our Training Notes (Insight). Training Notes are provided too. Training Notes provide a summary of all the main topics. Webinar duration is from 2 up to 4 hours as follow.

You can join Online Tutorials remotely or live into our classroom in Bangkok according to your availbility. Classroom seats are limited to twelve (12).

Online Tutorials normally start at 14.00 (Bangkok time) Webinar allows student to review, with our instructors, all main topics and contents required by the EASA module sillabus.

Webinar repetion can be purchased on request.

Training Notes can be purchases on request for Standard only (not available for Essential) package.


Questions and Answers

Questions & Answers (Q&A) session are available for each EASA module. Q&A sessions are provided by Qualified Instructors.

Each Q&A session (1 hour) comprises a Self Evaluation Test made by Multiple Choise Questions (MCQ) and a session where the Instructor is available to provide answers to all your questions or to provide additional explanation according to your needs. Self Evaluation Test is provided, online, in advance, and Q&A Session with istructor can be 1 to 1 (1 istructor and 1 attendees) or 1 to many (attendees number is limited in any case to 3). 1 to 1 session is subject to an additional fee.

Q&A session is an effective way to check your knowledge or to fill any gap before the formal exam.

Q&A session is not included into any Package. Q&A session can be added to Complete and Standard package too as package option only.

Addional Q&A sessions can be purchased on request.

Suitable For

  • University Students
  • Vocational School
  • Students
  • High School Students
  • Individuals who:
    1. For individual already started EASA examinations and collecting Certificate of Recognitions.
    2. For professional already started EASA examinations and collecting Certificate of Recognitions.


No specific pre-requisites. Training manuals, video tutorial, live tutorial and exams are into English level. Knowldge of English language is strongly reccomanded.