Wefly International Training Academy (formally Wefly Aero Co., Ltd.) is a Thai-Italian Cooperation Program under Thai BOI auspices. Wefly operates in cooperation and partnership with Italian and European Certified Organization (Part-145, CAMO, Part-147, DOA, POA and ATO) providing a wide range of services and products. Wefly is a unique Aviation Hub for projects and operations.


EASA DOA, POA, PART-145, CAMO, PART-147, ATO ensuring the highest quality standards in terms of services, operations and aviation training.


An Industrial & Technical Partner (Jinpao) providing a state of the art in terms of technology, production capabilities, special processes and innovation.


An International Management with decades of experiences into Aviation & Aerospace industry and with a specific focus into technical training.

why are we the best for your career in aviation?

Certified Organisation

Part-147 Maintenance Training Organisation Approval is the European standard fort the approval of maintenance training organisation

Worldwide Standard

EASA Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) is nowaday worldwide recognised as strong license standard. Holder of an EASA AML can certifying the release to service of maintenance of an aircraft and work in maintenance organisations as support staff

EASA Part-147

We are cooperating with EASA-Part 147 for proving certified training & exams in Thailand.

Time reduction

With certified training performed in EASA Part-147, students will be able to apply for Part-66 license with time reduction up to 3 years (66.A.30 (a) 2)

Work worldwide

Holders of EASA AML can get access to worldwide working opportunities. Negletting the EU EASA Part-145 there are about 1800 EASA Part-145 located all around the world.

Professional Network in Aviation

Wefly has a wide range of partners operating in the
EASA certified domain and in the worldwide aviation industry.

Italian Aerospace Network

Qualified Staff

An international qualified staff with decades of experiences providing certified and specialized training.

Jinpao as our shareholder

An Industrial & Technical Partner (Jinpao) providing a state of the art in terms of technology, production capabilities, special processes and innovation.


An Aviation Consulting Company, as advisor/consultant for all main EASA Regulations (DOA, POA, CAMO, Part-145, AOC, ATO, Part-147)

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Message from our CEO

"We strongly believe EASA is, and will be even more, a worldwide reference standard in aviation. We would like to bring our customers and students close to EASA in order to provide and ensure the highest standards in terms of products and services."


Wefly, a Thai-Italian joint venture with partners from Thailand and European countries, have several courses for individuals who wishes to become an aircraft maintenance engineer, a professional who required certified training (theoretical and practical).


Wefly courses are designed according to EASA standards not only to grant you a certified name in the aviation industry but also to provide a wide range of opportunities to work worldwide under EASA standards.


Our Academy is cooperating with EASA Part-147 to allow our students to acquire the basic knowledge and the basic experience required to apply for Aircraft Maintenance License (EASA Part-66 License).

Our upcoming events

Here after the training activities calendar. Calendar is updated every month and it includes all Wefly activities. From here you can also book your training or activities.


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