OTAR Part-39

Specialised Training Course

Introduction to the continued airworthiness requirements for aircraft falling under the Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTARs)





  • Language: German, English or French
  • Duration: 2 days

Course Objectives

The course aims to fulfil the following pedagogical objectives:

This course covers the responsibilities of a Subpart E Continued Airworthiness Management Organization, the content of the Maintenance Control Manual, or Supplement, typical staff arrangements and qualifications as well as the quality system.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide a detailed explanation of the operator’s responsibilities, contracted arrangements, Subparts B, C, D, E & F responsibilities.
  • To familiarize the participants with the implementation of continued airworthiness management in association with ICAO Article 83 bis Agreement.
  • To provide a detailed explanation on the differences of Approvals under Subpart E.

Course Curriculum

  • Overview of the Air Safety Support International (ASSI) regulatory system
  • Introduction to high-level applicable regulations, including the role and legal status of OTARs and OTACs in a Continued Airworthiness regulatory environment
  • Airworthiness and Continued Airworthiness concepts
  • OTAR 39 Overview, its Subparts and Guidance Material
  • Detailed review of Subparts A,B,C,D,E & F
  • Interfaces between AN/OT, OTARs / OTACs related to Certification, Aircraft Registration, Operation continued airworthiness and Maintenance
  • Detailed review of the differences between OTAR 39 and EASA Part M
  • Practical examples of continued airworthiness management in association with ICAO art. 83 bis
  • Day 2 of the training course is dedicated to the practical application of the relevant OTAR Parts, consisting of group exercises covering aircraft registration, management of the continued airworthiness under Option  1 and 2, management of repairs and modification and Permit to Fly

Duration, Date and Location

Duration: 2 days
Location: Bern or Online

Suitable For

  • OTAR 121 & 125 Operators
  • Quality Managers
  • Maintenance and Continued Airworthiness Post Holders
  • NAA staff
  • EASA Part CAMO Organisations
  • Part 145 Maintenance Organizations wishing to gain OTAR 39 approval


Previous attendance to EASA Part M training course

Complication with EASA Regulation of

  • Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order (AN/OT)
  • OTAR Part 39