OTAR Part-145

Specialised Training Course

Introduction to the requirements applicable for an organisation approved in accordance with OTAR Part 145 of the Overseas Territories Aviation Requirments (OTARs).





  • Language: German, English or French
  • Duration: 1 days

Course Objectives

The course aims to fulfil the following pedagogical objectives:

The objective of the course is to provide the participants a full understanding of the operator’s and maintenance organisation’s responsibilities, contracted maintenance arrangements, OTAR Part 145 Subparts A, B, C, D and OTAR Part 43 Subparts A, B, C, D responsibilities.

The participants will also get a full understanding on the differences of Approvals under Subpart A.

This course covers the responsibilities of an OTAR Part 145 maintenance organisation, the content of the Maintenance Organisation Exposition, or Supplement, typical staff arrangements and qualifications, quality and safety management system.

Course Curriculum

  • Overview of the global aviation regulatory structure
  • Overview of the Air Safety Support International (ASSI) regulatory system
  • Introduction to high-level applicable regulations, including the role and legal status of OTARs and OTACs in a maintenance environment
  • OTAR Part 145 and OTAR Part 43 Overview, its Subparts and Guidance Material
  • Detailed review of OTAR Part 145 Subparts A, B, C, D
  • Detailed review of OTAR Part 43 Subparts A, B, C, D and Appendix A
  • Interfaces between OTAR 145, 43 and other OTARs / OTACs related to Maintenance, Certification, Continued Airworthiness and Operation
  • Detailed review of the differences between OTAR Part 145/43 and EASA Part 145
  • Case studies of typical practical scenarios

Duration, Date and Location

Duration: 1 days
Location: Bern or Online

Suitable For

This course is aimed at EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organisations wishing to gain OTAR Part 145 approval.

  • Management Personnel
  • Quality Managers
  • Maintenance Technicians and Certifying Staff
  • Competent Authority Staff


Previous attendance to EASA Part 145 training course

Complication with EASA Regulation of

  • Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order (AN/OT)
  • OTAR Part 145
  • OTAR Part 43