Maintenance Program

Specialised Training Course

Module 0 Introduction

Module 1 Introduction to Scheduled Maintenance

Module 2 Requirements and Regulations

Module 3 Aircraft certification

Module 4 MSG and MRB

Module 5 Inspection standards

Module 6 MP sources

Module 7 OPS specs

Module 8 AMP Establishment

Module 9 Reliability programme

Module 10 AMP evolution

Workshop/Practical Examples





  • Language: German-English-French
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Date: 13-14 December 2022

Course Objectives

The course aims to fulfil the following pedagogical objectives:

This two-day course focuses on the content of EASA Part-M/CAMO/CAO, which includes a detailed explanation and intense discussions.

Through the use of practical illustrations, the participants will gain a solid understanding of the requirements associated with the Maintenance Programs and the process of establishing a Maintenance Program.

They will also gain a general understanding of the basic documents for the issue and amendment of Maintenance Programs i.a.w. applicable Instructions for Continuing Airworthiness and the operational requirements.

Course Curriculum

Content 1st day:

  • Requirements and regulations
  • Aircraft certification
  • MSG and MRB overview
  • Inspection standards
  • Maintenance program sources

Content 2nd day:

  • OPS specs
  • Maintenance programme establishment
  • Introduction to scheduled maintenance
  • Reliability programme
  • Maintenance programme evolution
  • Practical examples

Duration, Date and Location

Duration: 2 days
Location: Bern or Online
Date: 13-14 December 2022

Suitable For

  • Nominated Persons
  • Quality Personnel / Compliance managers
  • Personnel responsible for continuing airworthiness tasks
  • Engineering staff
  • Planning staff
  • Maintenance Program developers


Basic understanding of aircraft maintenance

Complication with EASA Regulation of

Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014