PTA - Aviation Familiarisation - Familiarisation




3 h


English language

Who should attend:

Managers, Quality System Staff, Sales & Marketing Staff, Technical Department Staff


Aviation & Aerospace requires specific knowledge about aircraft (aiplane and helicopter). Any company, expecially is with a different technical background, should acquire a basic knoledge about aircaft systems and sub-systems. This is useful not only for marketing & sales but mainly for quality a technical departments. This seminars:

  • Give a first but significant knowledge about aircraft (airplane & helicopter) systems and sub-systems.
  • Give a basic knowledge about aircraft suitable to conduct business and preliminary technical meeting with potential customers.

Main content

  • Aircraft overview (main concepts)
  • ATA Chapters (meaning, contents, usage, etc)
  • Airplane main systems & sub-systems
  • Helicopter main systems & sub-systems


Mr. Andrea Spiriti
Aerospace Engineer (Master Degree – Space Systems), with more 20 years experience into Aviation & Aerospace field and more than 9 into International Business Development. EASA certified instructor and examiners, IAN President, Wefly CEO, founder of more than 4 companies successfully operating into Aviation & Aerospace international market.