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WF News 2020

Open Day @ CPW-IAS & MrA

A further step into our cooperation outstanding event The cooperation among Wefly, CPW-IAS and MrA entered into promotional activities on 18th January 2020. Wefly has

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WF News 2020

Examinations @ HAECO (China)

A good starting for 2020 now we are defining a cooperation too On January 22nd and 23rd Wefly has performed four examination sessions for HAECO

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A&A News – 2021.05.20

Thai Airways creditors approve restructuring plan Thai Airways International’s creditors have voted to approve the airline’s restructuring plan, its legal advisor said on Wednesday. “Ninety

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A&A News – 2021.04.07

How Are Insects Affecting Parked Aircraft Pitot Tubes? For parked aircraft, there is a potential and real issue related to static and pitot source contamination

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A&A News – 2021.04.05

Ryanair’s New Boeing 737 MAX 8200 Receives FAA Certification Today, the Federal Aviation Administration granted initial certification for Boeing’s low-cost carrier version of the 737

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A&A News – 2021.04.01

Rolls-Royce starts build of world’s largest aero engine Rolls-Royce has officially started building the world’s largest aero-engine, UltraFan, which, what is says, will help redefine sustainable

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A&A News – 2021.03.25

New Emerging Technologies that will change the Aircraft MRO industry The MRO market became a viable business in aviation because Airframe Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

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A&A News – 2021.03.24

Thai Airways to drastically cut staff and fleet size by 2025 Thai Airways aims to drastically cut its staff and fleet size in order to

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