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Wefly International Training Academy (formally Wefly Aero Co., Ltd.) is a Thai-Italian Cooperation Program under Thai BOI auspicies.

Wefly is driven by technical and industrial players (shareholders). Among industrial ones, Jinpao Precision Industry a leading company operating into precision manufacturing industry with a strong aviation & aerospace division. Jinpao is a qualified supplier for several international aviation OEM.

Technical and industrial players bring to Wefly an international experieneced management and a qualified/experienced staff, making Wefly an unique player into Thai and Asia market, not only for technical training.


  • An EASA 147 ensuring the highest quality standards in terms of EASA & ICAO aviation training.
  • An Aviation Consulting Company, as advisor/consultant for all main Easa Regulation (DOA, POA, CAMO, AMO145, AOC, ATO, MTO147)
  • An Industrial & Technical Partner (Jinpao) providing a state of the art in terms of technology, production capabilities, special processes and innovation.
  • An International Management with decades of experiences into Aviation & Aerospace Market and with a specific focus into technical training. An international certified staff with decades of experiences providing certified and specialized training.
  • A wide local & international network thanks to our supporting & commercial partners.

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